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The evening of October 15th 2022 the golfers of Xpats Golf Community gathered after playing their fundraising competition, to generously raise a whopping amount of RM157,100 for MND Malaysia. Amazing! 

It was an event that was filled with fun, joy, excitement, and laughter. The highlight of the evening was the auction bidding session. The highest bidder was Mr. Ken who bid RM21,000 for an Augusta Masters Flag signed by Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Gary Player! Wow! What a fantastic night to remember.

A million thanks to Mr. Clive and his team for the fantastic success of the Xpats Golf Charity Dinner, for an incredible drive from their golf community, and for their generosity and kind hearts to support MND Malaysia. Special thanks go to Mr. Campbell for his beautiful auction session and Mr. Ken for his big heart to the MND Community.

About the Xpats Golf Community Charity

“Every day goes by, over half of Malaysia’s diagnosed MND patients are left to suffer without proper care. This is the fundamental problem we hope to solve.”

Mr. Clive Gordon, XPATS Founder

Motor Neuron Disease (MND) is a debilitating disease that affects the brain and nerves. MND has no cure, but treatment exist to help reduce its impacts on a person’s daily life.

MND Malaysia is a nonprofit organization founded by medical professionals and volunteers with a vision to realise a world without MND. Sadly, its supply of life-extending machines is inadequate to meet the increasing numbers of new patients each year. It needs support and contribution from all walks of life.

The charity began in 2019 when Mr. Brendan Chatham (BJ Chatham) called MND Malaysia and invited MND Malaysia to the Malaysian Warriors fund raising event in conjunction with the “AFL Grand Final” on Sept 28, 2019, in Kuala Lumpur. He helped raised RM7,000.00.

He had shown that he was very compassionate to people living with MND. It is our impression and understanding that he spent much of his energy to make known his vision of ‘a world without MND’ to the members of various sport clubs and societies.  He helped raise funds for them. He was a man who has touched so many lives so far and wide. He worked silently but confidently in the direction of what he envisaged. We feel so honoured.

Xpats Golf Community (XGC) was founded in 2019 by Mr. Clive Gordon “to give something back to the local community”. He is the founder and President of XGC. Tragically, one of their dear Australian friends and PGA professional, BJ Chatham, was killed a year later in a hi-and-run accident whilst driving for work between Melaka and Johore Bahru. “BeeJ” as he was affectionally known was a big supporter of MND Malaysia, so Xpats Golf Community decided to honor his legacy with this worthy charity.

Xpats Golf Community started their first event in 2019. They attracted 20 players but still raised RM7,000.00. Inspired to do more in 2020, persevering despite the Covid Pandemic, Xpats Golf Community doubled their collection total to RM14,500.00. In the 2021 event, they exceeded everyone’s expectation with a six-fold increase in fundraising. That night, a cheque for RM91,800.00 was presented to the Chairman of MND Malaysia.

The event in 2022, the golfers of Xpats Golf Community gathered and created a great day. They generously raised a whopping amount of RM157,100 for MND Malaysia. The accomplishment of raising a total of RM270,40.00 since 2019 is just inches away from surpassing the CSR donor recorded in 2017. Keep up with the momentum! Thanks to Mr. Clive for leading the team to reach such a spectacular achievement that aims to provide critical resources to those who suffer most from this awful disease.

MND Malaysia will continue its pledges to serve and help lessen the burden of MND patients’ families, and to make MND patients’ lives more tolerable. MND Malaysia will cherish all these charity events by Xpats Golf Community. These charity events serve as a strong reminder to MND Malaysia to step up efforts in realizing its objectives.

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