B. J. Chatham Trophy Charity Golf

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B. J. Chatham Trophy Charity Golf
organized by “EXPATS Golf Community” of Malaysia

a Charity Golf to fundraise for MND Malaysia (Motor Neurone Disease)

B. J. Chatham Trophy is on a second year Charity Golf to fundraise for MND Malaysia, organized by “XPATS Golf Community” in Malaysia and in loving memory of B. J. Chatham (also known as Beej) for his significant supports and dedications to our Malaysia’s MND community.

This year the Charity Golf was on the 13th-December’2020, and had garner supports of 48 golfers at 7 flights and some supportive sponsors. Participants comprises of expats of different nationals whom works in Malaysia, of those whom are also making contributions back to their current residing country in Malaysia, in doing their better parts to our society.

B. J. Chatham Trophy Charity Golf had managed to fundraised a total sum of RM14,000.00 and donated to MND Malaysia in supporting our Motor Neurone Disease (MND) community.

Welcoming all Expat golfers residing in Malaysia who are interested to join the “EXPATS GOLF COMMUNITY” in Malaysia to whatsapp the team at +6011.1639.3793


“We are indebted & grateful to our XPATS Golf Community friends who supports our MND Community without borders.

MND Malaysia
Cheque presentation by EXPATS Golf Community to MND Malaysia

(Malaysia’s Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Platform)
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