“Swinging for a Cause: Xpats Golf Community Annual Golf Charity Event Raises RM147,150 Funds for MND Malaysia”

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MND Malaysia EXCO & Mr. Lim (MND Warrior) and wife happily receiving the donation

“Golfers Tee Off to Make a Difference in the Community”

3rd November 2023 – The lush greens of Sungai Long Golf Club were not just witness to stellar swings and impressive putts but also to the spirit of generosity as golfers gathered for the annual charity event in support of MND Malaysia. The sunlit day saw both seasoned golf enthusiasts and newcomers alike come together for a day of sport, camaraderie, and philanthropy.

This event, organized by Founder, Clive Gordon of Xpats Golf Community & his team, aimed to raise funds for MND Malaysia, a non-profit organization dedicated to MND community. With a shared passion for the sport and a commitment to making a positive impact, participants embraced the opportunity to contribute to a cause larger than themselves.

Happy golfers geared up for a day of friendly competition

A palpable sense of excitement and community spirit filled the air as golfers geared up for a day of friendly competition. Laughter and cheers echoed across the fairways as golfers navigated the course, with each swing symbolizing a step towards supporting the noble cause.

One of the highlights of the day was the charity auction and raffle, where participants had the opportunity to bid on exclusive golf memorabilia, luxury experiences, and other coveted items. The generosity of attendees shone through as bids flew in, and the proceeds from these activities contributed significantly to the overall fundraising goal. A whopping total amount of RM147,150 was raised from this event for MND Malaysia.

One of the auction items
Mr. Campbell, the auctioneer
MND Malaysia Chairman, Mr. Benny Ng receiving the mock cheque from Mdm Michelle Lee, representing Clive Gordon, Founder of Xpats Golf Community

This event not only showcases the talent and sportsmanship of the participants but also reflects the power of unity when it comes to making a positive impact in the community. The success of the event reinforces the notion that sports can be a powerful catalyst for positive change, bringing people together for a shared purpose.

MND Malaysia EXCO with MND warriors, Mdm Tan Shu Hua & spouse and Mr. Lim Yong Lee & spouse

This is the 5th year running, Xpats Golf Community has organised this annual golf charity event for MND Malaysia. It was more than just a day on the golf course; it was a testament to the generosity and community spirit that can thrive in the world of sports making a lasting difference in the lives to the MND community.

From the bottom of our hearts, MND Malaysia committee & MND community expresses our sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Xpats Golf Community Founder, Clive Gordon, Master of Ceremony for the evening, Campbell and his great organising team for their donations to MND Malaysia.


The evening of October 15th 2022 the golfers of Xpats Golf...

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